Grace (2006) – By Duane L. Martin

My first dealings with Paul Solet were when I reviewed a short film he made with Jake Hamilton called Means to an End. Where Means to an End was a fun film however, his latest short film, Grace, is dark, disturbing and at times utterly horrific. Perfect for the sickest of horror film fans and those who aren’t so sick, yet occassionally like a nice stomach turn.

The story in Grace revolves around a pregnant woman’s obsession with having her baby, and having it "naturally" rather than taking advantage of all the benefits that medical science can provide. Her husband on the other hand doesn’t agree with her desire for a natural childbirth and is insisting that she goes to normal doctors and what not. In fact, they were arguing about it so hard one night on the way home that they ended up getting in a serious car accident, which killed the husband and left the wife with a dead baby inside of her.

She was taken to the natural childbirth place and they told her the baby was dead and that it should be removed, but in her depression induced insanity, she insisted on carrying it to term anyway. Eventually, she starts dumping blood from her uterus and is rushed back to the natural childbirth place where she delivers the dead baby. They allow her to hold it for a bit, but when they go back in the room to take it away from her, they find the rotted baby sucking from her breast and she tells them her name is Grace.

As I said above, this is a short film, coming in at just over six minutes. It was created in order to attract investor interest in making a feature length version. My only real complaint about this film is that I think it was a bit too short and jumped around from scene to scene a bit too fast. Because of this, at times it almost feels more like a long trailer than a short film, yet at the same time, it does actually work quite well as a short. I would have liked to have seen a bit more in the line of filler used for story development, but it does work well as it is.

I’m sure a lot of your more religious people would consider Paul Solet the anti-christ for making such an utterly disgusting and disturbing film as this. Is he the anti-christ? Hardly. Actually, he’s a really nice guy who just happens to be a long time horror fan and likes to push the boundries of the genre. Granted, a film like this is usually considered to be pretty taboo in our society, but that’s why it works so well and ends up being so utterly disturbing.

Everything about this film from the effects to the sound to the editing and even the acting were all highly professional and impressive both visually and technically. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the feature length script for this film, and I have to tell you, it sounds just awesome. So let’s hope that this short gets him the funding he needs to make the full length version, because I know if he does manage to get the feature version of Grace done, it’s going to be something special in a sea of your average, everyday run of the mill horror flicks.

If you’d like to find out more about Grace, you can check out the film’s Myspace page.