Grimm: Warlock #1 (2013) – By Jason S. Lockard

Grimm appeared on NBC to rave reviews and has become a staple for Friday Night viewing for those who love fantasy! Well, Dynamite Comics has jumped on the Grimm bandwagon and are producing new comic book adventures.

In issue #1 of 4 Nick and his partner Hank have to put a stop to a fixed basketball game that will keep the hometown team out of the playoffs. But the stakes are even higher when Nick finds a dangerous Wesen at the heart of the case.

The talents of Greg Smallwood, Jai Nitz and Jose Malaga have put together an issue that would make the producers of the NBC series proud! The Characters look just like they jumped from the TV into the comic book! Major kudos for that!

In the final analysis if you love Grimm TV series, your going to love this comic book and at only $3.99 it is a must have! So head over to to learn more about this release.

Moral Rating: Mild violence
Audience: Teens
Genre: Comic Book
Released: 2013
Rating: A+