Grinning Faces (2010) – By Brian Morton

Reality and fantasy are a line that is pretty firm. Well, most of the time, anyway. But, when you’re living your life and you’re not sure if it’s your life or someone else’s fantasy, what would you do? That’s just one of the questions that will haunt you after you check out a new short called Grinning Faces.

Grinning Faces is the story of a man called Hero, Hero is meeting with another man, who’s clearly an author and the two are discussing a story that the author is writing. The problem is that, no matter what sick and twisted thing the author wants to write, it all happens to Hero in his life! As Hero takes part in acts that become increasingly more sick and violent, he can’t help but wonder, is this his real life, or is he a figment of someone else’s twisted fantasies?

Grinning Faces is a bit disjointed as you watch it, but that’s intentional. After all, we are traveling in what could be someone else’s dreams! And, when it’s all over, you’ll wonder to yourself, what the hell it was that you just saw…and wonder where this demented story might go next! I’m giving Grinning Faces 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s a short that will make you think. You can find out more and see clip and the trailer for Grinning Faces over at