Grip (2001) – By Brian Morton

They say many things about love, that’s it a many splendored thing, that’s it stinks, but the bottom line on love is that it’s different things to different people and that it’s not always a good thing. The nature of love is the focus of the short film, Grip by Ron Atkins, and in this movie, and what people will do for love…or because of it.

Here’s the story: David is a hard working guy who’s having a little trouble at work, it seems that a new guy is suddenly undercutting him at every turn. David is obviously struggling, and when he heads out of town on a business trip, everything seems fine at home, at least. On a whim, David cancels his trip and returns home, only to find his wife cheating on him with the man who’s giving him hell at his job! Now, David snaps, and all because of love. He’s wandering around in a daze, he’s telling his best friend about his fantasies of killing his wife and a man in white is following him around. Is David just a jilted lover or is he a dangerous psychopath? Did he do what he did for love or for some other reason? And is the man in white an angel, a devil or love itself?

Grip is a powerful look at love and what happens when it goes wrong. Terry King plays David to a tee, you can feel his pain and see the change in him as he goes from broken-hearted to mental patient. Grip is an award-winning short, and it definitely deserves it, if you’ve ever been in love, then you should check Grip out for yourself. You can grab it at Cut Throat, and it’s worth the price of admission, I promise. So, until next time, when I’ll try to convince you that I’m not really a psycho, I’m just in love, remember that the best movies are bad movies.