Gruesome (2007) – By Brian Morton

 Last month I did the first ever CD review of my life, the CD was called Gruesome and it’s based on the book, Johnny Gruesome by Greg Lamberson. Well, Greg has put out a short film of the same name, Gruesome, that’s partly a music video and partly to show that a long form film of Johnny Gruesome would rock!

The short film features three songs from the CD that tell the origin of Johnny Gruesome. Erin Brown (formerly Misty Mundae) stars as Johnny’s girl, Ryan O’Connell plays Johnny himself and, in a nice twist, Giasone Italiano (who co-wrote the songs with wife, Marcy) plays the musician who tells the story of Johnny. It seems that Johnny was killed by a drug addict (or hop head) who wanted his girl, well, since that doesn’t sit too well with Johnny, he returns from the grave on a path of revenge. Johnny wants to get even with anyone who wronged him in life…and he does!

Again, just a taste of Johnny Gruesome is enough to make you want more, I’m very tempted to call Greg Lamberson a horror pusher, he’s giving us a small taste for free, but I feel that I’ll next be paying for more Gruesome…hopefully at the local multiplex! Gruesome is a wonderful short movie, I’d love to see what Greg could do with a bigger budget…I’m sure we’d all be impressed. If you’d like to learn more about Johnny, or find out how to get the CD, the DVD, the book or just generally jump on the Johnny Gruesome bandwagon, you can jump over to Johnny, after all, a rising horror icon should have his own website, shouldn’t he? I’m giving the Gruesome Mini Movie three and a half out of four cigars, and that’s only because I could actually tell what a great movie this would be with a bigger budget! If you’d like to see this cool movie for yourself you can head over to the Johnny Gruesome Mini Movie site and judge for yourself. So, until next time, remember to be careful whom you wrong in life, they may just come back after death to get even, and remember that the best movies are bad movies.