Gun (2010) – By Brian Morton

Okay, when I get any movie that stars any rapper in the old inbox, my first suspicion is that I’m about to see a totally terrible movie that’s designed to make the rapper look cool…and usually I’m right. So, imagine my surprise, when I dropped the latest movie from Image Entertainment, Gun, and starring Fifty Cent into the DVD player and got something totally different!

Gun is the story of Rich, played by Fifty Cent, a bad guy with dreams of becoming a gun runner on an international level. The only thing standing in his way is competition, so Rich kills them and sets himself up to be the biggest (and only) gun runner in the city! Besides his normal crew, Rich is joined by Angel (played by Val Kilmer); a man who’s just out of jail and who Rich owes his life to. Soon, Rich and Angel are near the top of crime world! Their only problem is that there’s a snitch in the group who’s helping the cops get a bit too close. Who is the snitch and how will it all play out? Well, you’ll just have to pick up Gun to find out, won’t you?

The beauty of Gun is that it doesn’t set out to make it’s star look like some amazing actor, or give him a character that’s designed to ‘break out’, it sticks to being an interesting crime story with some great actors. Val Kilmer, who’s always good, but always picks very strange projects, is great as Angel, the ex-con who seems to be on the verge of straightening out. There’s James Remar as the detective who’s on the trail of our bad guys and there’s even a brief appearance by John Larroquette as the ‘big man’. And, Curtis (Fifty Cent) Jackson holds his own with all these major actors! Jackson even wrote the story for Gun, which makes me think that there’s much more behind the ‘Fifty Cent’ persona, because, while Jackson takes the main role, he doesn’t attempt to steal every scene, he seems perfectly satisfied to let the other actors do their share of heavy lifting…after all, why hire guys like Remar or Kilmer and then try to upstage them!

I’m giving Gun 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s a good crime story with some great acting and it’s a great start for Fifty Cent, who seems to be on his way to becoming much more than just another rapper in a movie! Find out more by heading over to