Gut (2012) By Misty Layne

“Something is missing in Tom’s life. Every day he goes through the motions, becoming increasingly detached from those around him. His best friend Dan thinks he has the answer, a mysterious video he’s got to see to believe. What Dan shows him leaves Tom unsettled, flooding his mind with disturbing images and desires, and binding the two friends together with its ugly secret. As he tries desperately to forget what he saw, Tom’s mounting feelings of guilt and disillusionment quickly give way to paranoia and fear. One video soon follows another and another, blurring the line between reality and voyeuristic fascination, and threatening to dismantle everything around them.”

You know that old saying “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”? Yeah, that pretty well sums up GUT by writer and director, Elias. Dan may be one of the most depolorable characters I’ve seen on screen as of late, with absolutely no redeeming qualities. How Tom ever became best friends with him in the first place is a complete mystery to me. Major kudos go to Nicholas Wilder for pulling off the slimy, irreprehensible evilness of Dan so convincingly. Not kidding, just thinking about that guy makes me wanna go take a shower.

GUT starts out with Dan and Tom, two guys who work together and sometimes hang out and watch horror movies together. Dan’s feeling kind of angsty lately though since Tom has been spending so much time with his family (wife and daughter). Seemingly desperate to win Tom’s attention back, Dan shows him a film he acquired by mysterious means, one that’s completely unsettling and wedges it’s way into Tom’s life. Seriously, Tom can’t get the images he saw out of his head, which honestly kinda makes me wonder about old Tom and what kind of secrets he’s hiding too. He’s not as sketch as Tom but Dan’s kinda not right too, if you know what I mean. Tension builds, things come to a head and after that comes brutality. GUT is not for the faint of heart. While not overtly graphic, it gives you just enough to leave you feeling completely unsettled and just a bit dirty.

GUT is a horror film no doubt but of the slow psychological burn type. If you’re a fan of such movies as PSYCHO or A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, movies where you know something bad is coming and you don’t know what but you just can’t look away, then GUT is definitely the movie for you.

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