Halfway Where? (2010) – By James Dubbeldam

Halfway Where? is a 26 minute short film by director Gary Teperman staring Stacey Newsome Santiago, who also wrote and produced the film.

The film tells the story of Miranda, a woman chasing her dream. Giving up a great job as a reporter in New York to move to L.A. alone to “get her piece of the pie”, she isolates herself from her family and moves into a hallway house to make the transition easier. Surrounded by “failures” and women dealing with various issues in their life, Miranda focuses on where she wants to be, living in a “dream world” as her family puts it. But as Miranda attempts to make it, she begins to realize that it may be “just a dream”. She also learns a difficult lesson. Struggling is a necessary part of life- especially if you chasing something worth pursuing. And there is a lot of beauty surrounding you along the way- if you just open your eyes to it.

The film begins with stylish shots of news reports- all Miranda’s work. It creates a very stylistic, professional feel- which is consistent through the film. These “cool” sequences tangled with a creative way of telling the story make for a very real experience- feeling more like a TV show or a feature film then a typical short film.

It’s creative, fun and very well-produced. Not very often do short films have such a big feel to them- with a large cast, many locations and a “clean” look.

Some scenes stand out as not completely making sense- leaving the viewer wondering what has just happened and why things have been left unsaid. It’s deliberate however- and it created an attachment to the story for me as I cared about what I had missed and made me think about it. It got me involved.

Although not perfect (i.e. continuity issues), the film recovers from most of it’s faults through a diverse cast of talented actors, especially the lead, Stacey Newsome Santiago – a very promising actor.

With a message, a professional feel and being about something that most of us can relate to, Halfway Where? is definitely a worthwhile watch.