Halloween Party (2012) – Jim Morazzini


Having been around since 2012 but coming to VOD in September from Uncork’d Entertainment Linda Palmer’s Halloween Party is a cheerful, lighthearted comedy, not the horror film you may expect from the title and fall release date.

Ben (Chris Pentzell) and Julie (Christine Blackburn) are throwing their annual Halloween party. His year with some actors disguised as guests to shake things up and some hidden cameras so the hosts don’t miss any of the memorable moments. Things take a turn for the bizarre when Erin (Elle Newlands) turns up with Mason (Frank Gangarossa) who she thinks is another party goer dressed as a homeless man. But he actually is homeless. And as the night wears on and the booze starts to flow people are breaking up, hooking up and trying to hook others up. But the only one interesting high maintenance Erin is the homeless dude.

Despite how it may sound this isn’t a sex comedy either, yes that is a factor in the goings on, but this isn’t a raunchy film. It’s fun and cute, with the occasional serious point to make about relationships, priorities and what really matters. Thankfully it does this without getting preachy either it keeps it’s sense of humor throughout. On the other hand it’s also never really laugh out loud funny, it’s much more of a grin and chuckle kind of film but that’s not a bad thing, it’s lower key approach suits the material well.

I need to give a mention to the soundtrack, the original songs on it are excellent and sound like tracks you’d hear playing at a party like this. There is a soundtrack album available, and videos for several of the songs are on the film’s website. They certainly help the film along and stand well on their own.

Halloween Party is a nice alternative if you get a bit burnt out on horror but still want something seasonal. Usually taking 4 years to get released is not a good sign, but in this case it’s a mystery why it took so long.




Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T2RkDlWDUk