Halloween Resurrection (2002) – By Jason S. Lockard

Jamie Lee Curtis holds a special place in my horror movie loving heart, ever since I first saw her in Halloween. When I received Echo Bridge Entertainment Blu-ray release of Halloween Resurrection and saw Jamie Lee Curtis on the front cover I was ecstatic. Than I found out she only had just a cameo in the film. Sorry Strike one!

Halloween Resurrection instead of writing a unique story and capitalizing on Jamie Lee Curtis’ acting ability, sadly they try to capitalize on the Blair Witch project phenomenon that was in early 2000. This installment follows a group of paranormal investigators that document their night in the old abandoned Myers house. We soon find out you never mess with a Myers as Michael returns to do what he does best.

Now anyone who has seen this film knows this film is not very good, but Echo Bridge’s transfer is. The HD is pure clean and crisp! Than this blu-ray is jammed with bonus features; including alternate ending and deleted scenes, head cam feature, a set tour, interview with Jamie Lee Curtis and storyboard analysis. Great blu-ray, bad film.

So if you want to complete your Halloween film collection you can’t go wrong with this blu-ray. So head over to www.EchoBridgeEntertainment.com or your local DVD provider and complete your Halloween movie collection today.

Moral Rating: Violence and Adult language
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: Horror
Length: 90 Minutes
Movie Rating: C-
Blu-Ray Released: 2011
Our Blu-Ray Rating: C+