Hammer Films Collection (1958-1971) – By Jason S. Lockard


To true horror fans one name is synonymous with horror and that is Hammer Films. Mill Creek Entertainment continues there release of these Hammer classic titles with The Hammer Films Collection.

Our Rating System:

**** = Don’t Miss it!
*** = Worth a look.
** = An Ok way to spend an evening.
* = You haven’t missed anything.

Disc 1:
The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958) – Peter Cushing stars in the sequel to The Curse of Frankenstien as Baron Victor Frankenstein who has been rescued from the guillotine by his devoted dwarf Fritz, and continues his evil work under the name Dr. Stein. ***

The Snorkel (1958) – Paul Decker arranges the perfect murder of his wife. Sealing the room and filling it with gas making it look like a suicide while he hides beneath the floorboards using a diving snorkel to breath air from the outside. But his perfect plan has a hitch.  ***

Never Take Candy From a Stranger (1960) –  A small town is terrorized by an elderly child molester luring young girls into his mansion with sweets, but no one will stop him because of his powerful family. ***

Disc 2:
Maniac (1963) – While vacationing in France, an American artist becomes romantically involved with an older woman, Eve, and her teenage stepdaughter, Annette. Pulled between them, a plot is hatched to free Eve’s husband from jail but Eve has a different plan in mind. ***

Die! Die! My Darling! (1965) – Young Pat Carroll goes to the home of her dead fiancé to meet his beloved mother, Mrs. Trefoile (Tallulah Bankhead). She soon discovers that Mrs. Trefoile is not the loving mother, but rather a grieving psychopath who blames her. ***

Creatures the World Forgot (1971) – Set in the Stone Age, a pair of twin brothers become rivals for leadership of the  cave tribe following the impact of a devastating earthquake. **

This 2 disc DVD set presents all of these films  except for the two 1958 films in widescreen format. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful these films looked and sounded. The DVD menu is easy to access.

Six films for less than fifteen bucks is a steal! I highly recommend this release for classic horror film lovers! Head over to www.MillCreekEnt.com and pick up a copy today!

Moral Rating: violence / scary images
Audience: adults
Genre: horror
Length: Almost 9 hours
DVD Released: 2016
DVD Rating: A