Happily After (2010) – By Brian Morton

The next time someone tells me that they don’t really care for indie films, I have a movie that I’m going to make them watch. It’s from Glass City Films and it’s called Happily After…and it may be the best indie film I’ve seen this year!

Tristan is a fairly normal guy who happens to see Trisha one day at the coffee shop. He approaches her and soon the two are a lovely couple. Tristan is so much in love with Trisha he can hardly work, and his family is concerned that he’s moving too fast, after all, they’ve only been dating a short time and Tristan is already planning on asking Trisha to marry him. Well, things seem to be heading toward a lovely ‘happily ever after’ ending, when Trisha’s ex-husband, Matt, enters the picture. Matt has romantic intentions of his own, and he seems to have a leg up on Tristan, because of the child the two had before they divorced.

But, don’t think that Happily After is just a simple love story, John Klein has crafted a story that begins as a wonderful, simple little romance movie, and then morphs into something much different! I can’t say much more than that, but let me just say that everything from the acting to the writing to the way the film itself looks brings out the best in the amazing story!

I’m giving Happily After 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s damn near a perfect movie, it draws you in, gets you comfortable and then drags you out to the edge of that comfortable seat right till the very end! You can watch the trailer and find out more about Happily After by heading over to http://www.glasscityfilms.com.