Harold’s Going Stiff (2013) – By Brian Morton

You’d think that at this point, no one could come up with a twist on the zombie movie that I hadn’t seen. But, there’s always someone out there who’ll surprise you. Well, Keith Wright has managed it with his new movie; Harold’s Going Stiff, a zombie movie with a heart as big as the countryside it’s filmed in!

Harold is a widower who’s suffering from O.R.D. (Onset Rigor Disease), a disease which, eventually, turns you into a zombie…or at least, a zombie-like thing. Since he lives along, Penny (a young home care nurse) is sent to help Harold and provide him with some therapy. Soon, Harold and Penny are best friends. This is counter-pointed by a trio of ‘zombie hunters’ who travel the area and kill any zombies that they find or hear about!

Filmed as a documentary, Harold’s Going Stiff runs the gamut between humor to love to horror. Now, don’t think this is some weird ‘older man, younger woman’ romance, this is more like a ‘zombified’ Harold and Maude. There’s chemistry between Stan Rowe’s Harold and Sarah Spencer’s Penny that will actually tug at your heart strings…even jaded ones like mine! In the end, when Penny declares Harold to be her best friend, you might actually find yourself tearing up.

I’m giving Harold’s Going Stiff 4 out of 4 cigars, we’ve all seen zombie movies, but this one’s something so different and so original that it’ll have you rewatching it again and again. Do yourself a favor, head over to http://www.level33entertainment.com and get yourself a copy today…you won’t regret it!