Harvest (2015) – By Samantha Paradise

For those of you yammering on about a stressful workweek, Kim Sønderholm and Martin Sonntag are ready to offer a bit of perspective. In their newest horror short, Harvest, the co-directors delve deep into the business of organ harvesting. Cleverly combining the charm of serial killer movies with gore horror, Harvest offers an original and fun cross-breed of the genre.

Harvest begins with dark city streets and a buxom blonde bound for victim-ville. Moments after her predictable demise, the dead damsel is on the operating table of John (Kim Sønderholm), an organ harvester. John’s workshop, not dissimilar to Dexter Morgan’s, keys us in that John is a professional kidney puller. Shortly after, John delivers the organ to his boss, who is displeased with the quality of his product. Now behind on his orders, John must produce another organ quickly.

Pressed for time, John finds his next victim through an online dating site. After luring a local woman to a bar, John prepares to drug his date and execute his plan. However, the tables turn when John wakes up moments later on his own operating table. His date, Nadja (Siff Andersson), is in the same dirty business as John. Our lead meets his end the same way his victims had. Blood and guts ensue.

Harvest scores serious points for its creative concept. The directors are also awarded accolades for evading the short film trap of attempting too much plot in limited time. The only disappointed is despite a solid story, the special effects often subtract from the suspense. A few cheap effects tag Harvest as a low budget indie, when it almost avoids the label. However, there is no doubt that Sønderholm and Sonntag are seasoned directors as Harvest holds up as a unique and entertaining horror flick.