Hate Crime (2012) – By Brian Morton

Movies that are meant to be disturbing can either hit the mark or totally miss. When they hit it, you’re left with a creepy feeling every time you think of that movie. When they miss, you get a movie that’s intentions outreached its capacity. Sadly, that’s the feeling I got with Hate Crime.

This ‘found footage’ movie starts with a nice family birthday party that’s invaded by masked skinheads. Soon…and I mean, very soon…the family has lost a member and is being tormented, tortured and raped…for the fun of the invaders.

I’m pretty sure that the intent of the filmmakers was to make me feel completely creeped out by witnessing this atrocity, but all it really did was make me feel that the filmmakers were trying to illicit a reaction from me. The over-use of profanity and racial slurs felt forced, making the invaders skin-heads felt like we needed to give the evil action some motivation and the use of the camera during the crime just felt like something these guys probably wouldn’t think of…since thinking isn’t usually the strong suit of skin-heads!

In the end, I was left with a movie that I knew was supposed to make me think about the nature of evil and of what’s going through the minds of people who do these things, but all I was really left with was the feeling that everyone was trying too hard to make me unsettled, and handed me an ending that felt like an easy way to end the story.

I’m giving Hate Crime 1 out of 4 cigars, it’s not a movie that will creep you out, like it wants to be, it’s a movie that will make you think about those movies that you seen that got that honest response. You can find out more over at http://www.youtube.com/user/PSYKIKJUNKYPICTURES.