Haunted Poland (2012) – By Brian Morton

I have to admit it; I’m kind of over the ‘shaky cam’ movies. When Blair Witch came out, it was, at least, original, but soon thereafter, ‘shaky cam’ became so overused and overdone that it was everywhere and, frankly, not done as well as in Blair Witch. Well, a new online movie, Haunted Poland, travels this path and does it in much the same way.

Haunted Poland follows a young man (who seems to film everything!), and his girlfriend as they go to meet her parents in Poland. The ‘found footage’ chronicles their trip, their (to me) seeming endless days and nights of partying, and, what seems to be some kind of possession.

Haunted Poland doesn’t travel any new ground at all…with the exception of location; I don’t think I’ve seen any movie made in Poland lately. But what we have here is really just more of the same, a story told through someone’s personal video camera footage that seems to drag on for quite some time before we get to the ‘horror’, and, when we get to the horror, it shocking but it comes so late in the movie that I felt like I had been waiting for so long that I barely cared any more.

Haunted Poland wants, very badly, to be a scary, realistic movie, but this style of film has been done so much that it just doesn’t have the impact that it used to. I was mostly left wondering why this guy was filming literally everything that happened to him…because, by half-way through the movie, I felt like I had been gone from home for a week! I’m giving Haunted Poland 1 out of 4 cigars, I can’t recommend it, unless you’ve never seen any other ‘shaky cam’ movies, then this might feel original and interesting. Find out more by heading over to http://hauntedpolandmovie.com.