Haunted Prison (2006) – By Brian Morton

 What could possibly be scarier than going to prison, well, how about going to a Haunted Prison?! That’s the theme of this movie…sort of. Haunted Prison is the tale of two groups of people, one a group of killer jewel thieves on the run from the law, the other a group of documentary film makers who want the true story behind the prison on the Isla de la Roca, a prison that was closed after the prisoners rioted and massacred everyone, even each other.

Here’s the story: Jake Busey plays the psychotic leader of the jewel thieves, after their heist goes bad the gang needs a place to lay low for a couple of days and Jake is familiar with the prison, since his grandfather was a prisoner there and his father was a guard. After they arrive at the prison, people begin dying in strange ways, one guy is even pushed through a steel fence like cheese through a grater! When the documentary crew arrives and tries to begin filming, they’re locked into a room by an unknown force. After several tense moments and several heinous deaths, the doc crew finally figures out that it’s Jake’s grandfather who initiated the haunting to begin with and he’s looking for something! What is he looking for? Why is the prison haunted? And how can anyone get out alive?

Haunted Prison is part ghost story, part gory horror movie and all good. Small parts by Stacy Keach and Danny Trejo add horror credentials to the mostly unknown cast, without taking over the movie. The real star of the movie is the story and the special effects! The story is great, fast paced and keeps you moving with both teams as they try to get out of the prison. The special effects are minimal, but excellent! The effect of the prison ghosts is very cool, making the dead prisoners look like wisps of colorful smoke with hideous wounds. Haunted Prison is a great afternoon horror movie, pop some popcorn, curl up on the couch and get ready for a great movie! If you’d like to get this for yourself, head on over to Haunted Prison Movie.com to check it out for yourself, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. So, until next time, when I’ll confess that the colorful wisps of smoke that follow me around aren’t really goes, they’re the remains of last nights all you can eat burrito night, until then remember that the best movies are bad movies.