He (2009) – By Jason S. Lockard

As an independent filmmaker myself, I always love to see fellow filmmaker’s projects! I am willing to give them more than the benefit of the doubt! So when "he" the new film from low budget filmmaker Creep Creepersin arrived in my mailbox I was excited, but when I put the DVD into the player my excitement soon stopped! This film for me was a exercise in understanding! The film tagline says, "he is misunderstood and his wife wants him dead" I found this to be the most understandable part of the film. I spent over an hour trying to figure out what in the world was going on in this film!

He [Creep] is a husband and has habits that are extremely irritating to me and I wasn’t married to him for years… The Wife played by Ariauna Albright finds his idiosyncrasies irritating and ‘he’ begins seeing signs that she wants him dead…. or does she! This is the whole story idea; he is trying to distinguish between what is reality and what is only in his mind. Alas this idea could have been really good, but the story just fell really flat.

Creep wears many hats in this production. He is writer, director, star, he wrote the original songs for the film, but it just does not come off as an enjoyable film. I felt myself struggling to try to understand what was going on. Uncovering a mystery is one thing trying to figure out what is going on is a whole other game. Than there was the audio. One of my pet peeves is when actors in the film talk so low you have to turn the volume up full blast to hear them and then they scream and near bust your ear drums. This happens more often than not in the film!

On the upside Creep plays a very believable irritating character, Ariauna comes off well as The Wife who just doesn’t care whether her better half lives or dies. Then The Hit Man a dark and sleazy character played by Matt Turek was to the tee. The original songs "Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead" and "To be loved by you" written and preformed by Creep Creepersin was an upturn and the camera work was artsy, but not bad. In the end all these good points couldn’t save the story. Midway through the film I wanted The Hit Man to bump me off!

The film comes in at 70 minute long and DVD is packed with bonus trailers including "he" and additional Creep Creepersin films and behind the scenes documentary of the making of “he”. You can pick up a copy at The MVD website: http://mvdb2b.com, but unless your a hardcore fan of Creep Creepersin’s productions; I have to say stay clear of this one!

Moral Rating: Profanity and Mild Violence
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: Thriller
Length: 70 min.
Released: 2009
Our Rating: D+