Here’s Lucy Season 4 (1971-1972) – By Jason S. Lockard

TV legend Lucille Ball and her real-life daughter, Lucie Arnaz and Gale Gordon are back for a fourth season of hilarious hijinks. Thanks to Madman Entertainment in Australia I was able to relive the fourth season and now you can too.

In the fourth season of Here’s Lucy, Lucille Ball is joined by special guest stars such as; David Frost, Dinah Shore, Ginger Rogers, Tony Randall, Rich Little, Flip Wilson, Helen Hayes, Mike Conners, Tim Matheson and the return of Vivian Vance.

Some of the best episodes of season three include; ‘Lucy and Flip go Legit’ After working for him as a secretary Lucy convinces Flip Wilson to play the part of Prissy in a local production of Gone With the Wind. ‘Lucy and Candid Camera’ The family assist in a robbery, believing they are on Candid Camera. ‘Lucy’s punctured romance’ Kim and Uncle Harry don’t like Lucy has a new boyfriend Bob Collins and the milkman makes matters worse when he informs the pair that Bob is a playboy. ‘With Viv As a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?’ Viv shows up for a surprise visit, and tells Lucy she may stay in California for a year, but everything goes awry when Harry fires Lucy and hires Viv in her place.

This 4 DVD collection includes all 24 beautifully transferred episodes. Than there is the bonus feature; Introductions to each episode featuring Lucy and others, A Lost interview with Dinah Shore, Here’s Harry: Remembering Gale Gordon, Lucy on the Pearl Bailey Show, promos and much, much more.

If you enjoyed the first three season, continue the fun. If you can view region 4 DVDs by all means pick up a copy of Here’s Lucy Season 4. Visit and find out how you can get a copy today.

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Families
Genre: Comedy
Length: Almost 600 minutes
DVD Released: 2011
DVD Rating: A