Here’s Lucy Season 5 (1972-1973) – By Jason S. Lockard

Lucille Ball, Lucie Arnaz and Gale Gordon return for a fifth season of crazy antics. Thanks to Madman Entertainment in Australia I was able to relive the fifth season and now you can too.

In the fifth season of Here’s Lucy, Lucille Ball is joined by special guest stars such as;
Eva Gabor, Petula Clark, Lloyd Bridges, Ricardo Montalban, Donny Osmand, Don Knotts, Ruth Buzzi, Robert Cummings, Totie Fields, Joe Namath, the return od Desi Arnaz Jr. and many more.

Some of the best episodes of season three include; ‘Lucy’s Big Break’ Lucy Carter breaks her leg skiing, and is in the hospital. While bored in the hospital she is attracted to a doctor (Lloyd Bridges), and attempts to get his affection. ‘Lucy and Joe Namath’ Craig is home from college. A football coach suspects he’d make a great quarterback. Can Joe Namath convince Lucy this is best for Craig? ‘Lucy is really in a pickle’ Uncle Harry recruits Lucy and Kim to don pickle costumes and perform in a television commercial. ‘Goodbye Mr. Hips’ Harry keeps a gourmet feast in Lucy’s refrigerator while Lucy and friends struggle to stay on a diet.

This 4 DVD collection includes all 24 beautifully transferred episodes. Than there is the bonus feature; New introductions to each episode, A Lost interview with Frank Sinatra, Here’s Lucy: Spotlight on Desi Arnaz Jr., Lucy on The Donny and Marie Show and more.

If you enjoyed the first four season, continue the fun filled laughter with the fifth season. If you can view region 4 DVDs by all means pick up a copy of Here’s Lucy Season 5. Visit and find out how you can get a copy today.

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Families
Genre: Comedy
Length: Almost 720 minutes
DVD Released: 2012
DVD Rating: A