Hidden (2010) – By Brian Morton

When I watch movies, I like to think that I take into account what the filmmakers might have had to work with when I write up a final review. I’ve seen big budget movies that were absolute stinkers; I’ve seen micro budget movies that were better written that blockbusters and I’ve seen about everything in between. Well, there’s a new homage to 80s slasher fare that’s somewhere in the middle of the pack, it’s called Hidden and it’s worth checking out.

Hidden is the story of Trish, a girl whose parents were murdered a year ago, and whose killer was never found. Now, a year later, Trish and her college roommate are given a chance to win $10,000 by participating in a geo-caching event. Since Trish is in financial trouble, after spending insurance money and inheritance on trying to find her parents’ killers, she’s more than willing to trek out into the deep woods on what seems like a strange trip to begin with.

There are three teams in the hunt, a group of young filmmakers (stoners naturally), a father/son redneck team and Trish and her roommate. As the teams move into the wilderness, it soon becomes apparent that something is wrong, and when the team of filmmakers is massacred, we know that the winner of this game will walk away with their life! As the game moves forward, secrets are revealed and soon Trish discovers something about her past that she never knew…something that might kill her in the woods!

Hidden is clearly a low budget tribute to 80s slasher films. The acting is a bit rough in spots, and the story has holes throughout, but there’s enough here to like that you can get past the obvious shortcomings. The effects are cgi, but are used in such a great way that Hidden is one of the very few low budget movies that actually benefits from them! And, the final scene will have you both wondering what the hell is going on, and what might come next for Trish and her friends!

I’m giving Hidden 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s a cool little indie film that doesn’t try to overstep its budget, or over-complicate its plot to compensate for its smaller budget. Writer/director Bill Houser has given us an 80s slasher movie that might have actually been made in the 80s…if you love movies like the original Friday The 13th, Happy Birthday To Me or April Fool’s Day, then you’re going to love Hidden! Its low budget, but it’s still gonna make you want to avoid those wilderness hikes for a while! Find out more and get a copy for yourself by heading over to http://www.confusionfilms.com.