Hideout In The Sun (2007) – By Brian Morton

 In the world of movies, there’s not to many genres I haven’t been exposed to. I’ve seen the gore movies, the chick flicks, the blaxploitation, and foreign films, buddy; I’ve seen them all. Well, I thought I had until a little movie called Hideout In The Sun crossed my desk!

Hideout In The Sun is what they used to call a ‘nudist camp film’, which means that it’s an exploitation movie, but it’s set in a nudist camp and the message is always pretty wholesome. The idea of a nudist camp movie was to get people into the theatre with the temptation of seeing topless girls, but the message of the movies was always the same, that nudism wasn’t a perversion, that nudists were church-going, upright people who just felt that having the sun hit their total body was more healthy. Since this is the first one I’ve actually seen, I have to tell you these movies are a hoot! The story of Hideout In The Sun is pretty simple, two brothers rob a bank, one brother is a hardened criminal, the other (his little brother) isn’t to excited about the prospect of prison, but goes along. After the bank is robbed, the two are making their getaway, when the police react faster than they anticipated. Now, stuck in Miami (their plan was to take a boat to Cuba) they have to find a place to hide out until the heat is off. So, they hijack a car with a woman driving and, as their driving around, discover that she’s a member of an ‘exclusive’ club, so it’s off to the club to hide out until they can be picked up. The only thing they didn’t plan on is that the club is, in fact, a nudist camp! Now, the nicer brother is stuck playing the husband to our hostage (because this was filmed in 1960, the only people allowed in the camp were married couples, of course!), while the evil brother has to hide in her cabin waiting for his escape.

In all honesty, I was really expecting this movie to bore the living hell out of me, but, instead, it really had me laughing. The morals and values of the early 60s really were from a simpler time, and, while the movie is obviously there for the t and a content, the movie’s message isn’t at all deviant or prurient, it’s pretty wholesome! In fact, when the younger brother falls for his hostage, and her nudist (healthy) lifestyle, he leaves his brother and turns himself in so they can be together when he gets out of jail. I’m giving Hideout In The Sun four out of four cigars, because it’s just a load of fun, and it’s a genre of movie that most movie-watchers today don’t get a chance to see. I imagined myself sitting in a grindhouse full of greasy men in trenchcoats while this movie with the morals of Leave It To Beaver played…it makes me laugh. If you’d like to check this cool old movie out for yourself, you can head over to the Retro-Seduction Cinema web site to find out more about Hideout In The Sun. The 2 disc DVD includes 2 versions of the movie, one a 4 X 3 version, the other a 16 X 9 anamorphic version, and you’ll also get interviews with Doris Wishman (the movie’s writer/producer/director), David Friedman (an exploitation film legend), a news reel from 1960 and a series of nudist camp postcards, it’s a great value for your money, believe me! So, until next time, when I’ll take all my clothes off and wander through my neighborhood…hey, it’s healthy, isn’t it?…remember that the best movies are bad movies.