Hiding in Plain Sight (2012) – By Jason S. Lockard

I received a screener of the independent faith-based award winning drama ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ from writer/director M. Legend Brown. The film tells the story of Darius and Josey Blackmon a couple struggling to keep their family safe after financial difficulties forces them, and their two children to live in their car.

The only thing that kept the Blackmons going was their unwavering faith in God, but disappointment after disappointment and fear of going to jail and loosing his family; Darius’ faith, is beginning to fail. How can a voucher for boots change a family’s life! You’ll have to see this film to find out!

This film was shot entirely on the streets of Dallas Texas and can boast of great acting and a great story and features Irma P. Hall as the strong Grandma Ida Blackmon, she is great as always. Kelly O’Neil Jackson (Darius) and Sharice Henry Chasi (Josey) have an great chemistry and were made for these roles. Seeing this film will change your feelings on the homeless.

This is a tremendous film with a social and spiritual message that in the hardest of times we need to trust in God and help others, not push them aside, because, but for the grace of God we could be in the same situation! You can order a DVD of Hiding in Plain Sight here.

Moral Rating: Nothing offensive.
Audience: Family
Genre: Drama
Length: 85 Minutes
DVD Released: 2013
Our DVD Rating: A