Hold (2010) – By Brian Morton

Tragedy hits us all, it’s just a fact of life and the way we deal with it, often defines who we are as a person. In a new movie from Frank Mosley called Hold, we take a look inside the lives of a couple who’ve been hit by tragedy and we see how it affects their lives, their relationship and the even the way they see themselves as people.

Alan and Laura are your typical American middle class couple. Working during the week, relaxing and enjoying themselves on the weekend, they’re a couple that seems to have it all. But, one normal seeming morning, Alan heads off to work and Laura is attacked and raped in their home. This sets the couple on a path of fear, doubt and, ultimately, self discovery. Laura is initially (obviously) traumatized, she’s been attacked and beaten in her own home…the one place we all feel safest. Alan is at first worried about his wife, then, as time moves on; he becomes obsessed with keeping her safe. Can this couple overcome the physical and psychological scars that this attack left, or will it ultimately drive them apart?

Hold is an amazingly sparse drama, there are no musical cues for us, the audience, to follow, so we’re left to make up our own minds about things. And, after a while, we begin to both feel the pain that these people are going through and think about what we might do in these circumstances. Hold gives us not only a great movie with great acting, but a moral dilemma as well, what would you do if these awful things happened to you and your loved ones? And would you be strong enough to overcome them? Great question asked by a great movie. I’m giving Hold 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a morality tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end…and then it’ll make you want to go tell everyone in your family how you feel about them! You can find out more about this amazingly simple and effective movie by heading over to http://www.holdthefilm.com.