Hollywood Heaven Tragic Lives, Tragic Deaths (2013) – By Jason S. Lockard

There is something special about Hollywood in the 30s-60s! The stars were larger than life. When you would see them out and about they always looked like stars. Yes Hollywood back in those days was just pure class, but many star met tragic ends. The new Legend Films DVD tracks these stars tragic lives and deaths.

This documentary runs only 79 minutes and covers the back stories on the losses of some of the biggest name in Hollywood history! Stars like Bela Lugosi, Tyrone Power, Rock Hudson, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Natalie Wood, Alan Ladd, Sharon Tate, Rudolph Valentino, George Reeve, Steve McQueen and W.C. Fields. These are some of the most tragic endings to some of the greatest stars in history!

This DVD takes you into the price of fame. While there is no bonus features in this DVD it is still a great DVD if you want to know that back story on some of these great stars. So if your a fan of classic Hollywood I highly suggest this DVD to you! Head over to www.LegendFilms.com and pick up a copy today!

Moral Rating: Violence
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: Documentary
Length: 79 Minutes
DVD Released: 2013
DVD Rating: A