Hollywood Hits Collection (2007) – By Jason S. Lockard

I am a huge fan of good ole classic horror films. The new films just don’t deliver for me. Well, I received a 4 classic horror movie set from Mill Creek Entertainment, one statement comes to mind, kid in a candy store. Let’s take a look at this collection.

Our Rating System:

****=Don’t Miss it!
***=Worth a look.
**=An Ok way to spend an evening.
*=You haven’t missed anything.

Disk 1:

The Return of the Vampire (1944): When an errant bomb unearths the coffin of a vampire during the London Blitz, a gravedigger unknowingly reanimates the vampire by removing the stake from his heart. This film stars thee vampire himself, Bela Lugosi! **

The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958): In this sequel to The Curse of Frankenstein, we see Baron Frankenstein escaping from the guillotine and traveling to Germany. There, he takes on the alias Dr. Stein and plans to start his experiments again. ***

Disk 2:

Mr. Sardonicus (1961): Sir Robert Cargrave is an eminent surgeon who has developed a new technique for muscle relaxation. He is summoned by the Baron Sardonicus who is married to his one time love. The Baron covers his face with a mask because he is horribly disfigured. It’s up to Sir Robert return the Baron to normal. ***

The Brotherhood of Satan (1971): A family finds themselves trapped in a desert town by a cult of senior-citizens who recruit the town’s children to worship Satan. **

This Hollywood hits collections from Mill Creek Entertainment gives you real bang for your buck! There are no bonus feature, but your getting four movies for less than ten bucks! That’s more than enough for me.

So if you love classic horror films as much as I do, by all means pick up this great collection! Head over to www.MillCreekEnt.com or your local DVD provider and get a copy today before they are all gone.

Moral Rating: Violence, adult themes and language
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: Horror
Length: Almost 6 Hours
DVD Released: 2013
Our DVD Rating: A+