Hollywood Vampyr (2003) – By Brian Morton

 Anytime you see any variation of the word ‘vampire’ in the title of a movie, you expect the standard ‘avoid the daylight, feed off the blood of the living’ type of movie that ends with some version of the stake through the heart. But, Hollywood Vampyr is a vampire of a different color.

Hollywood Vampyr isn’t about vampires at all, but about the Goth culture and people who pretend to be vampires. This is the story of Fatal, Fatal is deep in the vampire culture and hangs out with her boyfriend Anubus and his protégé, Blood. Anubus has become a successful nightclub owner by catering to the vampire sub-culture in L.A., Blood envies his success and wants it for himself. To that end, Blood sets out to open his own club and destroy Anubus’, with Fatal caught between her love, Anubus and her brother, Blood. In the end, Hollywood Vampyr is less a horror tale than a tale of lies, jealousy and revenge set against the backdrop of this vampire/goth sub-culture.

That being said, this is a great movie! Though not what I had expected, Hollywood Vampyr drew me into this world and kept me thoroughly entertained and interested. The acting here is great, with the cast led by Trevor Goddard as Blood and Nora Zimmett as Fatal, and the ending is an interesting twist on what you might expect…I’d tell you, but that would ruin it. So, go check this out for yourself, it’s Hollywood Vampyr and it’s one of the most interesting non-vampire vampire movies you’ll ever see, it’s available at Brain Damage Films.com. So until the next time we meet when I’ll have painted my face all pale and be dressed all in black, and you’ll ask me if I’m goth and I’ll reply, No, I’m Johnny Cash, remember, the best movies are bad movies!