Holy Ghost People (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

Psychological thrillers are one of my favorite genres of films, if they are done right. So when I got the opportunity to review the new thriller Holy ghost people from XLrator media, I jumped at the chance.

The film follows a nineteen-year old woman named Charlotte who enlisted the help of an ex-Marine/alcoholic named Wayne as she searches for her estranged sister in the Appalachian Mountains. They must infiltrate the Church of One Accord – a community of snake-handlers to uncover the mystery behind her sister’s disappearance.

This film is confusing! Many of the questions raised in the script are never answered! It also seemed as though the filmmakers were trying to casts a dark shadow over the religious bible believers.

In this DVD release you get the wide screen presentation of the film, bonus trailers of other movies, the theatrical trailer of Holy ghost people and deleted scenes from this film.

If you would like more information on Holy ghost people you can head over to www.xlratormedia.com to learn more about this release.

Moral Rating: violence, language and drug use
Audience: adults
Genre: mystery / horror
Released: 2014
Rating: D