Home Invasion (2016) – By Philip Smolen


Joe (Matt Barry) is an overworked Wall Street executive who’s been so busy that he’s rushing to finish his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. He’s so overworked that he won’t even drive out to his in-law’s house where his wife and children are spending the holidays. Instead, he decides to go to his city apartment to spend the night. Unfortunately, Joe walks in on a burglary and is confronted by a vicious thug (Jim Gisriel). The brute threatens to kill Joe, but the Wall Street maven is a master talker and he manages to stall for time by offering the man all of his cash and valuables. But how long can Joe hold out before the burglar gets nervous and decides to add murder to his list of crimes?

“Home Invasion” is a 10 minute short film from New York writer/director Matt Barry and it’s a cynical take on the traditional classic Christmas story. Rather than focusing on the redemption of someone’s soul during the holiday, Barry focuses on how someone’s soul can be dammed forever. Joe and the burglar are at the opposite ends of life’s spectrum. Joe is rich and successful with all of the trappings that go along with it. The burglar is poor and desperate and has nothing to look forward to. He initially seethes at Joe’s success, which only remind him of his own failures. But Joe’s smooth talk calms the maniac down and the captive is able to get through the burglar’s hard shell. However, evil is a strong presence in the apartment and it will rear its ugly head on the holiest of nights.

Barry has made a tough and poignant short that looks at the nature of evil and how two people from opposite ends of life can actually be mirror images of one another. “Home Invasion” is a solid cinematic short that focuses on how the inner demons in life can lead to fateful choices.

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