Homecoming (2015) – By Misty Layne


I *think* HOMECOMING is supposed to be a comedy, perhaps, but I’m not entirely sure. I couldn’t tell if the majority of the script was them “trying” to be funny or if this was all some sort of parody of sorts. It certainly had enough ridiculous moments to count as a parody but I got the feeling they were *really* trying here…which makes me feel worse for having to say that they did not succeed.

HOMECOMING is (as far I could tell anyway) about a  20-something guy who comes home to meet his ex because she says she has info on his unknown father. Upon arriving (and after giving a rather poor musical performance – the singing was fine but the songs were not), he finds himself with his ex-best friend who is covered in his ex-girlfriend’s blood gallivanting about town to find the killer (because naturally everyone is a suspect). And…Abe Lincoln masks are involved and a mental hospital and his best friend has a twin who’s a cop and it’s all just…disjointed almost? It never flows. Part of the time, I didn’t even know how they got from Point A to Point B because it made no sense. And there were no stakes here; I wasn’t concerned about anyone’s well-being (although there WAS limited death in this horror/comedy/thriller/mystery(?)).

It also had a lot to do with the characterizations themselves. These were broadly painted stereotypes at best – overreacting dramatically, flailing about, playing things up in an attempt for laughs – and mildly offensive at worst (for example, referring to a psychiatric hospital as a “silly house”…). I could’ve cared less about these characters and half of them seemed superfluous. And though some of the actors were clearly trying, most varied from wooden to melodramatic, which didn’t help.

I can’t help feeling that this would have worked a hundred times better as a short film, rather than a two hour movie. There wasn’t enough story here to warrant the length and the only reason the length seemed to be reached was by adding in more “bits”. Had the story been tighter, it would’ve helped immensely. Had the actor’s felt less like your BFF that you grabbed off the street, it would’ve helped. I think if the cast and crew take from that and change things up accordingly for their next work, it’ll be a huge improvement and something I’d like to see.