Homeless in Los Angeles (2013) – By Brian Morton

With the economy still recovering for the last crash, it seems like we hear more and more about the homeless. Well, a new documentary from Taylor Golonka called Homeless in Los Angeles takes us into the lives of some people who are either formerly or currently homeless.

The doc begins with Richard, a man who’s been through some tough times, from a family tragedy that led to alcohol and drug abuse to living on the streets to being the ‘house boy’ for a drug dealer, Richard has finally pulled his life together and is attempting to keep it that way. But Richard is the bright spot in the doc, there’s the young man who’s drug addicted and living on the streets of LA, to the clearly mentally ill woman who does a Michael Jackson impersonation on the streets to a former teacher who’s found himself homeless after a fight with his ex-wife.

Homeless in Los Angeles is an interesting look at these people, who most of us never see or barely acknowledge, and their almost constant struggle to just live day to day. And, seeing how quickly some of these people went from having a job and a life to being on the streets with nothing is something that will make you think.

I’m sure that most people will dismiss Homeless in Los Angeles as just another ‘agenda motivated film’, but Golonka and crew seem to really want us to see how these people live day to day and what’s going on in their real life…it’s a sort of ‘there but for the grace of God’ type of movie, that we should all pay more attention to! I’m giving Homeless in Los Angeles 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a movie that I wasn’t looking forward to seeing, but after seeing it, will recommend it to anyone who’s interested! Find out more by heading over to https://www.facebook.com/oddballmusicandfilm.