Honey I’m Home (2007) – By Duane L. Martin

 The last film of David Branin’s I reviewed was a film called Shoot Out about two guys having a game of one on one basketball, with a really hardcore bet between the two men.  This film however, is something completely different.

Honey I’m Home is a whole different animal.  Whereas Shoot Out was gritty, agressive and somewhat violent, this film is more of a tale of a love affair gone wrong.  It’s about a man who cheated, and despite his apologies and tears, finds no forgiveness for his foolish act.  The film does have an incredibly surprising ending that was nothing like what I thought it would be, and actually had me laughing.  I won’t give it away here though.  You’ll have to watch the short.

This film is for the most part a monologue piece, with the cheating husband doing all the talking until the very end.  I have to give credit to the film’s star, Jacob Magnuson for delivering a really good performance with no one on the other side to play off of.  See, the one he’s talking to is never shown until the end, so throughout his line delivery, he had no one to play off of for the reactions.  So kudos to him for delivering a fine performance and even some tears during the course of this film.

Much of the film is shot without the camera being mounted on anything, and as such it has that motion like someone was holding the camera while shooting it.  Fortunately, unlike with most productions shot in this manner, I didn’t get that seasick feeling while watching it.  Some people really just go overboard with the whole moving the camera around thing and it becomes really obnoxious.  That wasn’t the case in this film.

Technially, everything was great.  The editing was tight and well paced, the lighting was perfect, the sound was excellent, and everything all came together nicely.  After David Branin’s first film, I had really expected no less from him.  He’s a really great film maker and I look forward to seeing a lot more from Dream Regime Productions in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check it out on the Dream Regime Productions website at http://www.dreamregimeproductions.com.