Horror Anthology Movie Volume One (2013) – By Brian Morton

I love a good anthology movie. It’s like a bunch of short films strung together…well, I guess that’s exactly what it is…but if you don’t particularly like the one you’re watching, just wait, there’s another one shortly…it’s great! And a new one from producer/director Mike T. Lyddon, Horror Anthology Movie Volume One is fantastic!

There are six horror shorts here, each is completely different than the one before and each has it’s own special story without any connective tissue (so to speak). There’s a story about a disenchanted husband who needs to get rid of his shrewish wife, a World War 2 horror, a couple of ‘found footage’ style tales, a story about a strange black box and a bizarre (and slightly dirty) puppet short! Each is pretty good, the only exception was the puppet centered story, it was truly bizarre and slightly off-putting.

Now, I’ll confess that I’m a real fan of shorts when they’re done right, and these are all well done! I’m giving Horror Anthology Movie Volume One 4 out of 4 cigars, despite the one odd misstep, these are all fantastic shorts and I can’t wait to see if Lyddon puts together a Volume Two! You can find out more over at http://www.horroranthologymovies.com.