Horror House (2012) – By Brian Morton

Anthology movies can be very hit or miss, and a lot rides on the ‘host’ who’s guiding you through the stories. Well, in Horror House, you not only get a bunch of pretty cool (and very different) suspense tales, you get a host that brings some fun to the chills.

Horror House is the story of a house, a house that’s for sale and filled with evil tales. Each story is introduced by Joe the Real Estate Agent, who’s trying to unload this cursed property, played wonderfully by Lloyd Kaufman. Joe leads us through 5 tales from this house, each is different, but all center on the house in question. There’s a story of a woman who has twin girls…or does she? There’s a noir tale of a jilted woman whose husband has been killed. A story about a man who believes he’s God’s gift to women, the story of a girl who so identifies with her doll that she takes its form and an old fashioned monster story set during leap year!

Horror House is one of those rare anthology movies that will keep your attention throughout, and the addition of Lloyd Kaufman as the narrator of our tales of terror is just a bit of icing on this wonderful cake! I’m giving Horror House 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, in fact, I felt that it was just a bit long, but it’s still a fun way to spend an hour and a half…one that your won’t regret! Find out more over at http://www.horror-house.com.