Housewives From Another World (2010) – By Duane L. Martin

Housewives From Another World is another fun, softcore sex movie from Retromedia Entertainment.  If you’ve seen my reviews of these films for the past few months, you know that I’ve absolutely been enjoying the hell out of them.  But how does this one measure up to the others?  In my opinion, it’s just another gem in a series of gems.

This film stars the usual cast of folks, including Heather Vandeven, Frankie Cullen, Christine Nguyen, Tony Marino, Rebecca Love, Ted Newsome and Ron Ford, which for me, is a winning combination.  The acting in these films is cheesy as hell, but wonderfully so, and it’s what makes them so incredibly fun.  Frankie Cullen is especially cheesy, and at one point, just after he has sex with Rebecca Love, said something that had me busting up laughing because it just reeked of cheesy awesomeness.  In my opinion, the acting is the key element that makes these films as fun as they are.  There’s one exception to the cheesiness though, and that’s Heather Vandeven.  She actually plays it a bit straighter than the others, and even though the material is cheesy, I have the feeling that she could handle a serious role extremely well.  She strikes me as being quite a good natural actress.  I have to say though that I thoroughly enjoy every single person in these films.

The story in this particular film, which once again is sandwiched between some really excellent soft core (barely) sex scenes, is about a guy (Frankie Cullen) who’s working on developing a deep space satellite.  A meteorite falls to Earth next to his house, and his wife (Heather Vandeven) finds it.  She pulls a chunk of it out of the ground and is instantly possessed by an alien life form who was sent back in time to Earth to stop the production of the satellite, because in the future it instigates a war that devastates their planet.  She makes a necklace out of her chunk of the meteor and makes two other necklaces from other chunks, which she gives to their neighbor (Rebecca Love) and a girl that her husband works with (Christine Nguyen), who are also possessed by two other alien entities.  To complicate matters, her husband’s co-worker (Tony Marino) is in financial trouble and looking to steal the plans for the satellite so he can sell them to an agent from a foreign power, played by Ron Ford in a fez hat and goofy glasses.  Ted Newsome makes another appearance in this film as the boss at the aerospace company they work for.  Every single person in this film did the usual, excellent job with their roles.

The film features the usual collection of sex scenes, which are incredibly well shot and very, very hot.  The women in these films are all just incredibly beautiful, and everyone involved, both women and men, always seem really into it.  I’ve reviewed other soft core films (I am Virgin for example) where the sex is very mechanical and just utterly boring.  I despise films like that because it all just ends up feeling like a waste of time.  The great thing about these films from Retromedia is that you actually like the people you’re watching, and when you’re seeing them enjoying each other, it just makes it that much hotter.

The technicals of the film are all in perfect order, as they have been in all of the films in this "series".  The camera work and sound are both excellent, the CGI is nice looking and the sets all look great.  I haven’t had any complaint about the production values in any of these films.  In fact, they’ve all exceeded my expectations.  The quality is always very professional and you can tell that everyone involved takes pride in what they’re doing.

This film is just plain fun, and as with the others, the fast forward button is there if you want to use it.  If you’re more interested in seeing the film or the sex scenes, you can fast forward between them, or you can watch the entire film as a whole.  It just depends on the viewer and their mood, but again, with all of these films, the film part is funny and the sex scenes are really damn hot, so no matter if you skip around or if you watch the whole thing, you’re guaranteed a good time.

There’s not really any information about it there, but if you’d like to check it out anyway, you can head on over to the Retromedia website at