Hunger (2010) – By Brian Morton

Have you ever wondered about cannibals?  I mean, what might possess someone to eat another person?  Well, a new movie from Fangoria’s Fright Fest asks just that question, how far would you need to be pushed before you thought about cannibalism?  It’s called Hunger and it’s dark, disturbing and well worth your time!

Five people wake up and find themselves trapped in a pit that has no escape.  They’ve been given enough water to last for quite some time and there’s a clock on the wall that counts off days…and it’s a 30 day clock.  Soon, it becomes apparent that there really is no escape and that soon food will be required to survive.  But, who put them down there, and why?  They’re being observed during their torment by a man who seems to be a scientist, he makes notes and keeps track of each subject as they pass through this nightmare.

Hunger is a movie that will make you think and cringe at the same time!  How far would you go to survive?  The characters in this movie each has a dark secret, and believe that they’re being punished by someone, but is that true or is someone just making them the rats in some twisted experiment?  Hunger is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen this year, you’ll cringe, you’ll squirm and you’ll love every minute of it!  I’m giving Hunger 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a dark movie that will stick to your movie ribs!  You can vote for Hunger by heading over to