Hunting Buddies (2009) – By Brian Morton

Living in Michigan, hunting is something of a religion here. When it gets cold, and the snow flies, guns come out and men trek out into the cold to try to bag that deer. So, when the movie, Hunting Buddies, dropped on my desk, I was thinking that I might know a bit about this…I was wrong!

Hunting Buddies is the story of 4 friends who’ve been hunting together for years. They’re coming together, after a year apart, to renew their friendship and do a little male bonding in the woods. One friend has stayed in the small town they grew up in, while the others have gone their separate ways, one is a big time lawyer, one runs his own automotive business and one is a writer. When everyone but the writer shows up, the three worry that, since he’s recently divorced, he might be having some problems. But, he does show up, surprising everyone, and the weekend begins as planned.

But, after a day of hunting, one friend doesn’t return to the cabin, after searching, the friends decide to wait until morning, and then begin to search and alert authorities. What happens next is one of the best suspense movies of the year. A weekend hunting trip becomes something of a strange game that ends with one friend in custody and another on the run.

Hunting Buddies is a pretty cool movie, it’s very believable, and the friends seem like real friends and when the horror begins, you get dragged in too! Well written, well acted and a believable premise all add up to a 4 cigar out of 4 movie! Head into the woods yourself over at