Hurricane (2016) – By Philip Smolen


“Hurricane” is a 13 minute short film from writer/director Christiano Dias, and it tells the story of Oslow Alduars (Corey Page) and his wife Eva (Lisa Roumain), a typical 1950s couple who sit down to their usual dinner of satiric barbs. We later learn that Oslow believes that a neighbor has disappeared and may have been taken by communist spies because the man found a microphone in his radio. Just then, a timid young man named Benjamin Shaw (David Jay) knocks on their door and tries to sell them a newspaper subscription. Oslow invites the visitor in, but when he finds his neighbor’s name in Ben’s notebook, Oslow’s paranoid delusions take over. He begins to interrogate Ben about the disappearance. It isn’t long before tensions escalate between the trio, and tragedy ensues.

“Hurricane” reminds me a lot of “Blue Velvet” (1986) David Lynch’s bizzarro thriller about the rot that exists beneath the fake façade that everyone hides behind. Dias imbues his short with many of these same qualities. Oslow and Eva hate each other, but pretend to be civil rather then get to the root of their problem. Oslow’s hatred towards his wife is then given an outlet when poor unlucky Benjamin just happens to knock on their door.

This is a wild and weird movie short that features superlative performances from all three of its leads and sharp direction from Dias. “Hurricane” is a dark and sinister look at the perils of cold war paranoia and how this fear can lead to tragic consequences.

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