I, Creator 2 – Goddess of the Hunt (2012) – By Cary Conley

In 2009, director Mike Cervello made I, Creator, a story about a scientist who creates genetically engineered cyborgs, a superhuman race of creatures that are tenuously controlled by humans. His creation sparks a struggle with the military who also quickly come to realize the true strength of this new cyborgian race. Fast forward to 2012 and Cervello is at it again, with a sequel that is also a speculative cable television pilot.

Mike Cervello is a one-man band. He wrote, directed, edited, and cast this 20-minute film short. He also created the numerous computer effects for the film as well. Described as a campy sci-fi, action/adventure comedy with a strong infusion of magic, it’s being billed as being "like every sci-fi show you’ve ever seen, but unlike anything you’ve seen before", and that is an absolutely accurate statement. The show is most certainly campy, with beautiful cyborg women in black spandex and leather fighting "silver demons" who wear full-body silver leotards and shades and carry battle axes from a cheap prop shop.

The story, such as it is, concerns a group of deadly cyborgs who have been sent to a distant planet to save a group of humans who have been kidnapped. The humans don’t like the cyborgs because they feel that the cyborgs have stolen their jobs as mercenaries. Oh, and the humans also are saddled with…gulp…a man! You see, in this world, women are superior to men in every way and men are relegated to spineless and wimpering supplicants good for only one thing…and you can guess what that might be. There is also a goddess, Artemis, who has come to check out her work (creating the human race), which is where the magical aspects of the movie are derived. Admittedly, the plot is a bit confusing, but one must remember this is meant as a TV pilot, so there wouldn’t be much of a possible series if everything were explained during the first show.

The entire show plays like some of the cheapest fare on the Sci-Fi Channel, and it’s meant to. This is mass-consumer trash at its best (or worst, depending upon your tastes). There is plenty of action and several goofy fight scenes. But my favorite parts of the film are the special effects which were obviously created straight from a computer. While they are clearly computer-generated, they are actually quite fun in a campy sort of way. Cervello shows a great deal of creativity in the use of these effects. I can see I, Creator 2, playing on some late-night, local cable access channels and developing a cult following. It could be a great way to spend a late Saturday night with a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons friends or simply the sci-fi geek crowd, guzzling some beer and eating stale popcorn.

I, Creator 2, isn’t the greatest TV pilot and it’s not entirely original either. It’s certainly not my cup of tea but I understand and can appreciate what Cervello is working towards. The fact is that a large segment of the TV audience would dismiss this as poorly-done and far too cheesy. But they’d be missing the point entirely. The MST3K crowd would eat this up, which is exactly what Cervello is aiming for. Cervello has a terrific promotional website up complete with synopsis, tons of still, and several trailers, all of which can be found at http://www.cvkproductions.com/ICreator2Promo.html. If you enjoy campy sci-fi and fantasy, you’ll want to take a look at I, Creator 2.