I Dream of Dracula (2003) – by Brian Morton

 One of the most difficult things any filmmaker might decide to do is to combine genres, there’s always the danger of being too close to one genre and not close enough to the other, which would alienate fans of either genre, it’s a high wire act that most people wouldn’t want to attempt. But, when it’s done with a sense of humor, it takes much of the pressure off of the movie, and that’s what Jim Haggerty does with I Dream of Dracula, part of the Pendulum Pictures Sinister Souls DVD Set.

I Dream of Dracula is part modern gothic horror, part soap opera and, because its tongue is firmly in it’s cheek, it works. The story here is of Priscilla, a woman who’s having nightmares about killing a man with her teeth. When she tells her friend (who happens to be a psychiatrist) it turns out that her husband and her friend are planning to get rid of Priscilla for her money! As the story plays out, two other vampire woman become involved and, when Priscilla begins to realize that she’s also a vampire (and a rather powerful one), she turns the tables on everyone!

The real charm of I Dream of Dracula is that it’s not played straight at all, oh, there are segments that are meant as straight ahead horror, but most of the time, the actors seem to be including us (the audience) into the joke, little asides are made to the camera with characters speaking directly to us, and some of the jokes are so hokey that, if you’re attempting to see I Dream of Dracula as strictly a horror movie, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. But, if you go in expecting to see a movie that’s meant to be, a send up of both genres, then you’re going to enjoy it. The only thing I found disappointing in the whole movie was the fact that the star (Michellina Shaffranski) didn’t appear in more of a state of undress, the other women in the movie were nude frequently and Michellina was, by far, the most attractive of the bunch (no offense ladies), other than that I’m giving I Dream of Dracula three out of four cigars, it’s not full on horror, but it’s a fun movie that’s meant to be fun…and what more can you ask? You can get I Dream of Dracula for yourself but dropping by the Pendulum Pictures Web Site, it’s part of the Sinister Souls collection. So, until next time, when I’ll be appearing in a state of semi-undress myself (much to the disgust of most of my readers), remember that the best movies are bad movies.