I Love Lucy (2016) – Jim Morazzini


Two young lovers preparing for the big dance at school, and the possibilities of the night may lead to. Sounds like the stuff of a million short films that have come before it right? And it does play like so many other films until it suddenly takes a turn into much grimmer waters as our young Romeo awakes to find himself tied to a chair and his girlfriend talking about what is really under his skin. But even this isn’t what it first appears to be either.

A short film running just under eleven minutes, I Love Lucy is the work of a collective that goes by the name Count the Clock. I wasn’t familiar with them before this but looking at their website they’ve put out several shorts before this which you can see there.

True to it’s name the film uses a sitcom visual style and even a laugh track at points leading up to the switch in tone. This makes the abrupt segue into horror even more shocking. It could also be a hint this is just playing out in the mind of Lucy ( Danielle Lauder) who we hear say “If only” near the start of the film. Of course the fact she’s having daydreams like this is disturbing in it’s own right. The film’s final image is both horrifying and beautiful in a way that echoes Georges Franju’s Eyes Without a Face.

If I had to give a criticism I’d say it maybe took a bit to long to make its move. I thought it was going to be a comedy/drama about high school dating and I could see somebody looking for something harsher tuning out by that point. But apart from that it’s a solid and wonderfully twisted film. It’s available free on their website and on YouTube so there’s no reason not to check it out.