I Spit on Your Grave (1978) – By Charles Rector

 I Spit on Your Grave is quite possibly the single most disgusting flick ever made. It is a movie that has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It is also a movie that despite the fact that it made a tidy profit at the box office, it pretty much destroyed the careers of many of those who were associated with it. Perhaps even more disgusting is the fact that its makers continue to this day telling fallacious lies about their oh so noble and wonderful purposes for making this flick in the first place.

I Spit on Your Grave is a glorification of violence against women. Specifically, in this case, rape. It also presents the idea that rape victims really are not bothered too much by the ordeal of rape and that they can quickly bounce back from the violence that was inflicted upon them just like nothing happened.

This movie begins when a young female novelist (Camille Keaton) decides to finish up her latest novel at her wilderness cabin. Despite the fact that her purpose is to work in solitude, she starts going about with little clothing on and acting in an indecent, slutty manner in public. It is never explained just why she is doing this. In one scene, she has very little on and she flaunts her sexuality in a highly suggestive manner towards some local boys.

Big mistake. The local boys are base perverts at heart and they have a thing for raping beautiful scantily clad chicks. One day while walking around deep in the forest with ridiculously little clothing on for someone who is supposed to be hiking, the novelist is set upon by the perverts and they rape her.

After they get tired of raping her, they leave her alone. She then walks around the forest in a circle and comes upon the same gang of rapists. They rape her again.

After the second rape scene is all over and done with, she somehow manages to crawl back to her cabin. Unfortunately, the rapists have decided to go there ahead of her and hide in the cabin. Guess what happens to her when she enters her cabin? She gets raped again!

Now, you would think that after being raped thrice in a matter of a few hours, she would be all beat up and would not hesitate for a minute to call up the county sheriff’s office. If so, you would be dead wrong. Instead, all she needs to fully recuperate from her ordeal is pop into the shower and before you know it, she is as good as new and fully able to revenge herself on the perverts.

Her plan is to seduce and then kill the rapist gangsters one by one until all four of them are dead. As you can expect given that this is a typically reality challenged Hollywood flick, she actually succeeds in her quest by sundown. Her revenge is ridiculously easy such as the scene where she is able to seduce a rapist into climbing a tree to engage in immoral acts where there is a rope with a noose at the end conveniently there. Naturally, the idiot gets hung.
She conducts her revenge campaign with but little emotion. There is little in the line of relish at getting back at the perverts or any showing of triumph at the end. She engages in revenge with about as much emotion as she would show sitting down in a rocking chair knitting.

I Spit on Your Grave is a truly awful flick. The acting is uniformly horrible. The technical aspects are poor as is the cinematography. The script is a joke.

When this awful movie was released, there was a firestorm of protest. Some movie critics such as Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel actually went so far as to join protests outside the theaters that ran this garbage, urging movie fans not to watch this trash.

What is really awful about this flick is the fact that the filmmakers have been spreading lying propaganda about their motives for making it. They have made the claim at such venues as the DVD special features and horror film conventions that there was a noble motive for making this sickening piece of trash. The flick’s producer, Meir Zarchi, claims that he made the flick to show that rape was a violent act that hurts people. Yes, you read that right. According to producer Zarchi, people did not know that rape entailed violence and they needed to see a movie to understand that rape is not good for females. What an insult to peoples intelligence.

This is especially insulting given the true effect of this movie. In I Spit on Your Grave, the rape victim is shown as not suffering much from the attacks upon her. Also, the rape victim is shown as being able to bounce back from being repeatedly raped so much so that on the very same day that she was raped, all she needed to do to get her revenge on the rapists was to take a shower and put some clean clothes on and she is ready for action. In other words, the true effect of I Spit on Your Grave is to demean rape victims and make it seem as if rape is no big deal and certainly not harmful to the victim. In other words, it serves to encourage rape and other acts of violence against females.

Meir Zarchi and the other filmmakers behind I Spit on Your Grave ought to be ashamed of themselves.