I Was Married to a Mermaid (2014) – By Brian Morton

While I always look forward to films from Alfred Eaker, I’ll freely admit that usually they’re over my head.  Alfred works on a level that’s a bit beyond me…and I don’t consider myself stupid, but Eaker’s clearly a level above me!  Well, that being said, his latest short, I Was Married To A Mermaid, is one of the best he’s done, so far.
The story here is tentatively about a man who’s religious daughter doesn’t believe that he was once married to a mermaid.  But, that’s just the kernel of story, what’s really going on here is a tale of belief and faith, if you really believe that you were married to a mermaid, who’s to say you weren’t?  And, if someone tried to convince you that your beliefs are wrong, who’s to say what their motivations really are?
It’s a short that will make you think about religion and what it can be used for.  And, it’s a short that I truly enjoyed, and I usually don’t enjoy movies that make me think this much!  I’m giving I Was Married to a Mermaid 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s an interesting movie, but the conversation that follows is amazing!  Head over here and check it out for yourself!