Ice Quake (2011) – By Brian Morton

In case you don’t remember the 50s, or the 70s, you’ll be glad to know that disaster movies are making a comeback! In the 50s, it was fueled by the atomic bomb; every type of creature imaginable was transformed by radiation to run rampant through the country. Then in the 70s, it became disasters, whether natural (Earthquake) or man-made (The Poseidon Adventure), something was always causing havoc on screens across the country. Well, we’re in the 21st Century now, so you’d think we’d be the master of our surroundings…but you’d be wrong. Today it seems that it’s global warming that’s fueling our fears, and it’s not shown in a better way than in the new SyFy movie, Ice Quake.

Set in Alaska, there seems to be some unusual seismic activity in the mountains. When two scientists are sent to check out the problem, they discover that liquid methane is moving from the center of the earth toward Fairbanks…a large city center that will be wiped out if it gets there. Now the race is on to divert the methane flow before it reaches the surface and potentially destroys the entire planet!!!

If you’re familiar with these SyFy produced movies, then you know what you’ll get here. A lot of cgi effects and a premise that you know will be wrapped up in an hour and a half…and there’s nothing new here, in fact, I’ve seen so many of these, I really can’t help but keep score, who I think will live and die, how the problem will be solved and whether or not there’ll be a set up for a sequel. Now, don’t think I didn’t enjoy Ice Quake, it’s an interesting Saturday afternoon movie, nothing you have to think to hard about, if you head out to grab a soda, you’ll be able to jump right back in…that sort of movie.

I’m giving Ice Quake 3 out of 4 cigars, if you’re in to these SyFy movies, then you’ll probably enjoy this one too. But if you’re looking for some social commentary on global climate change or a deep plot…then look somewhere else, this is strictly popcorn fare! Grab a bucket of buttered and head over to and chill out with a copy for yourself.