Idol of Evil (2010) – By Brian Morton

Making an ancient evil seem real is very difficult, and, I imagine, doing it on a low budget, has to be even harder. Well, a new movie from, makes a valiant effort and very nearly manages it, although it does fall a bit short in the end.

The tale here is of David Hilton, a mythological researcher, who’s been asked to help find the eye of Kali, a jewel that, when used with the skull of an ancient priest can unleash hell on earth. Why they want to do this, isn’t entirely clear, but that’s the evil scheme and it’s up to David to beat the bad guys to the treasure and keep the planet safe. So, David has to translate an arcane map, figure out where a skull is buried and get to it before the bad guys, all the time staying barely one step ahead of the bad guys!

Idol of Evil is an interesting premise, but this kind of movie is very hard to do on any size budget, let alone a low budget. The acting is good, the action is good, but it just feels like things aren’t right for some reason that I can’t put my finger on. In the end, I felt like this was an interesting idea that just fell a bit short in the execution department.

I’m giving Idol of Evil 2 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s a good story but it felt like it needed a little something. You can find out for yourself by heading over to