Ill Square (2010) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes a movie comes along that just defies any description that I can think of. Well, a new movie from Edgardo Flores, Ill Square, is one of those movies…so; bear with me while I try.

The movie begins as some strange music video, with the film actually showing a TV with some random images with music playing. Then we meet a young man who’s heading to an apartment…when he gets there, he’s soundly beaten and thrown out. Next we meet an old man and his son, the old man is a bit crazy and the son humors him…the old man believes that zombies are about to attack. In between brief vignettes, that are nearly sketches, there are long stretches of music that seem to last forever! The back of the DVD says that its three stories intertwined…but only two actually meet (as far as I can tell) and the third just seems to be there to make you uncomfortable. The music is good, but lasts so long that you’ll wonder when it’s ever going to stop! The real bright spot in the whole movie is Barry Schwam as the old man…and even he gets to be a bit tired after about two minutes.

I’m giving Ill Square 2 out of 4 cigars, the music is nice, but it just takes so very long and there isn’t enough story there to keep you interested! Find out more for yourself by heading over to