Imaginary Fiend (2015) – By Loida D Garcia

We open on a one way red phone (and that’s about the only thing that isn’t vanilla about this film), and a conversation in which we get to overhear the ordering of an imaginary enemy.  When thought about the concept for this film can be really good, unfortunately every aspect of this production failed miserably.  

From beginning to end (a whole 9 minutes and 12 seconds) my only reaction was “eh”.  Honestly…I wrote “eh” at least 4 times in the notes I took while watching this film.  Want to know what else I wrote at least 4 times as well? Vanilla.  The only word that came to mind while reviewing this film was “vanilla”, and I’m not referring to that amazing vanilla cake or icecream that we just love.  I’m referring to that of the most boring of vanillas.  

The acting was below par…by far.  My nephews and nieces are better at conveying characters then the two gentlemen who acted in this film.  I am aware that it was in a different language, but expression and emotion (or lack thereof) is conveyed in one’s tone of voice, their facial expressions, body language, etc.  All of which was missing.  Degressing, the script was a let down.  Again, they had an interesting concept but everything about that script (other than the concept) was so boring….so terribly boring.  I will give props to the sound department for executing a job well done…At least one area had it right.  

Even the colors chosen for the film were vanilla!  That’s why I previously stated that the red phone was probably the only non vanilla thing in it.  

I noted that the imaginary fiend kept changing clothing.  Why?  Perhaps it would have been a better idea to keep him dressed the same in order to emphasis that he doesn’t really exist.  Kind of how cartoon characters are always dressed the same.  And why on earth do you have the imaginary fiend eating???  Again, that makes him too “real” and completely takes away from him being imaginary.  

The main actor looked like he was giving his worst impression of a deer being caught in headlights while he’s looking (more like caressing) his knives.   It was so bad….so bad…. And can we possibly capture anymore cliched shots?  No, seriously there just weren’t enough (just in case you can’t capture the feeling I am trying to show here, I was being sarcastic).  

Over all…BAD….just BAD.  


My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Skip It

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Taleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Limburger