Impetuous (2012) – Joshua Samford

I am a lifelong devotee to world cinema. Although I do love many films that are produced within the Hollywood system, I am always drawn to learning more about other cultures. I think most people have a interest, even if only slightly, in learning the ways of other groups and seeing what influences them. Unfortunately, my experience with the cinema of Ireland is tragically limited. So, when Dave Thrope’s short film Impetuous was given to me for review, I found myself immediately intrigued. While this is certainly a film that presents an Irish personality, it is also a very obvious piece of genre cinema. As an attempt at replicating what is popular within mainstream horror, Impetuous is successful. However, where it seems to shine the brightest is in its handling of the twists and turns that make up this very morbid thriller.

Impetuous is a very simple thriller focusing on three friends who are in the midst of taking a long road trip. Inexplicably, two of the three friends wake up in an abandoned warehouse after they wreck their car. The two present members of the group are both handcuffed and waiting to find out what happened to their third friend. As the story plays out, we are introduced to a masked assailant who is quiet about his intentions or motives. However, something very odd is going on within this situation, and it is only a matter of time before the truth is finally revealed.

Comparisons to the "torture porn" sub-genre are bound to be made within any discussion of Impetuous. Indeed, any film that features a person waking up in the home of a madman, while handcuffed no less, is bound to inspire some comparisons to the Saw franchise. However, this is a short that certainly doesn’t seem interested in replicating such gory spectacles. Despite having ample opportunity to go the "extreme" route, Thorpe and his crew often shoot for the high road within their thriller. Instead of blatant gore, Impetuous seems to be a much more focused piece of storytelling; providing a story that hinges on a very twist-filled narrative rather than using violence as a crutch. Thorpe handles both the visuals and the narrative nature of the film quite well. Taking a very high concept plot and squeezing it down into the confines of a twelve minute short is an admirable feat, and the delivery truly makes it something special. Although the brisk short comes by and ends in a speedy fashion, the professionalism on display certainly shows a pool of talent that will go on to bigger and better things.

With fine performances and a tremendous visual appeal, Impetuous won me over as an audience member. It may have some problems here and there, as any twelve minute short that tries to pull off such a drastic "twist" during its final act, overall this is a very strong short and is certainly worth checking out. So, search this one out if time allows. Follow the movie via the official Facebook at