In Aggression (2010) – By Brian Morton

Violence is a common theme in indie movies, whether it’s ‘glorified’ or not depends on the filmmaker. But, when someone takes violence and then tells me a story about the contemplation of it, rather than the gut reaction, then you’ve really got something. Well, that’s exactly the kind of story that Chase Kuertz tells in In Aggression, and it’ll make you think.

John Yates is a normal middle class guy. He’s in the middle of a divorce that doesn’t seem to amicable, when, one evening while meeting his soon-to-be ex to transfer their daughter, he witnesses her murder. Now, John is torn, part of him feels that he should get revenge for the murder of the mother of his child, but part of him knows that going down that path leads to the destruction of what’s left of his family. John buys a gun and even goes so far as to hunt down the killer, and then has to take his choice.

In Aggression is a very cool little short that will make you think about violence and the consequences of ‘acting without thinking’. I’m giving In Aggression 4 out of 4 cigars, this is what would really happen to those ‘Charles Bronsons’ or ‘Punishers’ in the real world. You can find out more by heading over to