In Harm’s Way (2011) – By Brian Morton

Crime dramas can be difficult to do, even with the biggest budget. There’s a lot of moving parts to keep in play and to keep clear with an audience. A new crime drama from John Karsko, In Harm’s Way, does its best, but just falls a bit short.

The story here is about Michael, who’s looking for a job, so when two friends offer him a chance to make a bunch of money; he takes them up on the offer. The problem is that his ‘friends’ are setting him up to take the fall for a murder that they committed. Now, Michael is selling drugs and has a target on his back…and the cops are on to the gang, so there’s trouble coming from every angle!

The problem with In Harm’s Way is that it becomes pretty confusing, the cops don’t act like cops, at one point one of the bad guys flashes a badge…at least I think he was a bad guy, he did bad things…and, when I didn’t know who was who, I lost most of my interest in where the story was going. The movie looks great, the acting is good, it’s just that the story is a bit long and I got lost with all the double-dealing going on.

I’m giving In Harm’s Way, 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s an interesting crime movie, but it could have been a bit more economical! Find out more over at